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The manually operated dumbwaiter is not new. For years apartment and house dwellers throughout the world have depended on the manual dumbwaiter to carry household items up and down from the ground floor entrance. Similarly, with fireplaces or stoves on multiple levels a manual dumbwaiter is a major convenience for the transportation of coal or firewood.

With the high cost of land, multi-level and hillside homes are becoming commonplace once again. Groceries, laundry, firewood and seasonably used items are more conveniently moved between floors.

Commercial applications are as necessary today as they ever were. The transfer of items from storage or inventory is made easier with a manual dumbwaiter placed at one or more convenient locations.

Miller Manufacturing has improved a time-tested manual dumbwaiter design to bring you the Silent Servant, The result is a design superior to any other residential or commercial model available today. As the name implies, the Silent Servant incorporates many unique features to deliver smooth, quiet operation with a minimum of effort. We use the finest domestically produced materials to insure a lifetime of trouble-free service with a minimum of maintenance. Our staff is the most experienced in the industry. Their pride and dedication to excellence, combined with high quality materials is reflected in every Silent Servant that leaves our factory.

One of our most significant considerations in the design of the Silent Servant is to make the installation process as effortless as possible. Each of our models comes with a complete illustrated installation manual and installation kit. The installation kit includes all the support members that are pre-drilled, labeled, and cut to size. The guide rails manufactured to the proper length, and the attachment holes are pre-drilled. The kit also includes all installation fasteners, hand ropes and cables.

If you are unable to find a standard size model appropriate to your needs, our highly skilled engineering staff is eager to design a custom unit for you.


Miller Manufacturing, Inc. has designed, constructed and delivered manual dumbwaiters since 1983. Our extensive experience and insight into dumbwaiter operation has enabled us to make steady improvements over the years to the design and implementation of a mechanism that was originally invented in the early days of American History by Thomas Jefferson.

Today, our dumbwaiters are in operation throughout the entire United States and in many other countries in the world.

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